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Reprinted from Essential Oils Online

When the great flu pandemic of 1918 was in full swing, gauze
masks were worn over the face in attempts to keep from inhaling
the lethal virus. It didn't work...The virus was many times
smaller than the openings in the gauze. Many volunteers who
wore those masks lost their lives, thinking they were safe, in
removing the dead from homes and city morgues. They simply
inhaled the virus right through their masks.

Today, we know that by diffusing a, micro-fine, vaporized mist
of therapeutic grade essential oils into an enclosed atmosphere,
potentially life-threatening viruses and bacteria are rendered
harmless. (See results)

With the threat of super bugs growing ever more resistant to
vaccines and antibiotics, diffusing essential oils makes more
and more sense. It simply is the ultimate home health care
defense against life-threatening organisms.

While diffusing essential oils will not stop a person from being
infected outside of the home, it does create an infectious free
zone of air within the home you can use to protect your loved
ones. Breathing air diffused with essential oils attacks any
virus or bacteria lining the respiratory tract which may have
been inhaled outside of the infectious free zone. It also keeps
the infection from spreading to other family members.

It may be years before every household routinely diffuses to
keep the air purified and free of infectious organisms, but
these devises are available today.


A diffuser is a special air pump designed to disburse essential
oils in a micro-fine vapor where they stay suspended for several
hours to reduce airborne infectious pathogens, fungus, mold and
freshen the air with natural fragrances. Diffusing releases
oxygenating molecules as well as negative ions, which kill
microbes. Testing at Weber State University proves conclusively
that diffusing essential oils kills life-threatening airborne

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