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Death By Sirloin


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Death by Sirloin
Can eating a huge
meal actually kill you?

Recently a lady in my office told me that her father had passed away

because of a massive heart attack. She explained that he was a successful businessman in his 50s. He had just bought a condominium and was celebrating with his attorney.

Recalling the details, she said: "He was eating a big, fat steak, a baked potato with lots of butter and drinking some alcohol. Later that evening he suffered a massive heart attack and died.

You may ask, "How could one huge meal, even with all those fats, trigger an attack?" After a meal laden with heavy fats, your blood becomes thicker than usual. One doctor described it as being ''as thick as toothpaste.-

Fats and oils in the blood increase its density. The heart has to pump

blood that at times can resemble sludge. I've checked the blood of patients after they have eaten lunch, and it is amazing how much fat is present. It rises to the top of the venipuncture tube, and you can actually see it. It is yellow and thick. Just imagine what that fat is doing to your blood vessels when the heart is attempting to pump it through your system!

For many people there comes a time when their hearts are doing their best to push their blood through the vessels and then suddenly it happens. Boom They grasp their chests and feel the terrifying pain of a heart attack.

Approximately 40 percent of people will develop a heart attack and not even have a symptom. If you're waiting for a signal, it will probably come too late.

If you think you're too far-gone, think again. Notable medical professionals say that heart disease can be reversed with proper exercise and diet.

The best thing you can do to fight heart disease is to ask God to help you. He desires that you have a perfect heart, both physically and spiritually.

Printed in May/June 2001 issue of New Man Magazine: http://www.newmanmagazine.com

For more, visit http://www.drcolbert.com.

Reprinted by permission by New Man Magazine